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Market Research

Understanding regional and national trends, client and key stakeholder issues, procurement processes and competition is often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to market research.  To reach your revenue and growth goals in mature and emerging markets, market research can be the key to developing a cohesive and attainable short-range and long-range business development plan and build your pipeline. 

Let us help you tailor a market research plan to help grow your business. 

Services may include:    

  • Specific Market Deep Dives for Outreach purposes

  • Municipal and Commercial CIPs (Capital Improvement Plans)  

  • Master Plan Tracking and Analysis    

  • Client Account Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis      

  • Potential teaming partners        

  • RFP searches    


  • Better understanding of your clients' priorities,

  • Guide for talking to your clients about their upcoming projects,

  • Road map of client organization to navigate conversations with potential client stakeholders and decision makers.

  • Provide you with information to drive decision making on pursuits,

  • Build your pipeline to focus on upcoming projects,

  • Tailored market research can help you wade through non essential information to save you time,

Contact us to get a marketing research plan specific to your industry, service line of business, region and clients. 

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