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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential to your organization's growth. It is a powerful tool that allows you to gain control of the future and the destiny of your organization. 

At Strategic Development Services our experience in market development is applied to helping your teams identify viable new markets and programs or further develop existing markets and programs. Our process results in teams working together to further your mission and team goals on purpose.  

Facilitation Services; Business Development and Marketing Plans:    

  • Pre-interviews with key stakeholders

  • Client opinion surveys

  • Planning session facilitation with leadership teams

  • Annual sales & marketing budget and revenue growth assessment

  • Custom built action plan and accountability grid for team members 


  • Winning work that inspires team members

  • Ability to pivot toward growth in active and expansion markets

  • Knowledge of how your clients view your firm or organization

  • Understanding of the internal “human-factor” in your processes

  • Departments synchronized to focus on the future 

Facilitation Services; Content Marketing Plans:    

  • Define big picture goals and what success look like for social media content

  • Establish personnel and roles for social media content creation

  • Establish or build on marketing standards for social media

  • Development of your unique content calendar


  • Establish a guide that includes specific policies, resources, and tasks required to execute your content strategy.

  • Create collaborative workflows and establish parameters around your story creation and production processes.

  • Lead with a content calendar that ensures your team has the right tools and resources to produce marketing content efficiently and deliver a valuable, high-quality experience to your audience.


We look forward to a partnership with you that will bring clarity to your market development and branding efforts by creating an actionable, trackable roadmap to your organization’s success.

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