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Business Development Training & Coaching

Business Development Training. Training and development ranks #1 by employees of the top rated A/E/C firms, according to Zweig Group 2020 research with more that 1.7 million data points.

Strategic Development Services' six module training program encompasses your firm's specific differentiators, internal processes, industry overview and  teaches skills to develop internal and external client relationships.



  • Stakeholder input facilitation

  • Schedule coordination of training participants

  • Twelve weeks training program 



  • Give employees the foundation needed to represent your firm 

  • Synchronize your business development teams 

  • Retain employees by providing training tools they need to succeed

  • Build skills that win more work for your firm...on purpose!

Business Development Coaching. Many professionals have the responsibilities of being billable on projects as well as procuring new work. What is your Win Plan?

Engaged with our business development coaches to create a clear and achievable process for your capture plans, driven by the bigger picture of your firm's revenue goals.  You will have regular access to our coaches for plan development, opportunity pipeline guidance, industry expertise, skill building, encouragement, and tricks of the trade. 



  • Individual Win Plan development

  • Weekly one-on-one strategy check-ins

  • Strategies to build your professional network



  • Grow and manage your business network

  • Build skillsets that increase your areas of influence  

  • Reduce stress within your job

  • Win new and exciting projects…on purpose!

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