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Marketing Staff Placement

Hiring, growing and retaining top talent in your marketing department is key to winning work.  High turnover in marketing can create chaos in your overall marketing plan, put undue pressure on highly billable technical staff, delay or hamper your ability to respond quickly to RFP’s, create a gap to timely respond with information to new clients, and wreak havoc in your marketing department content and file structure.


Let us help you find the right person with the right skillsets to advance your marketing efforts and to support your technical and leadership teams.  We will partner and collaborate with your in-house HR and/or recruiting team to hire marketing top talent in an effective and timely manner.


  • Marketing department job descriptions library

  • Initial resume screening for qualified applicants

  • Perform initial telephone interview

  • Select top 2-3 candidates for in-house interviews

  • Provide recommendations as needed for candidate selection


  • Move the hiring process forward

  • Capture top candidates

  • Decreases response delay to candidate

  • Tailored interview questions to help guide selection process

  • Saves you time in the hiring process to focus on qualified candidates

  • Successful hiring for long term success and top talent retention

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